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Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your time around here. There's no time limit and no download limit when it comes to your sexual pleasure... and mine! I've been "Generizing" the internet since 1999, at the very young and untainted age of 18. There's a good amount of naughty fun in the members area from when I was still a virgin. It wasn't until I was 19 I had my 1st kiss and I was 20 yrs old when I FINALLY lost my virginity. Let's just say 90% of my sex life has been documented over a 10 year span for the whole world to see. And you can find it all here!


I don't play a character or a persona. What you see is who I am. What you read is really true and depicts the very person I've grown up to be. This is me in the raw, as you would see me everyday just as you wouldas your next door neighbor.


I am one of the internets original & REAL girl next door! So please, relax and join me! Stay a while. It will only hurt so good, hehe!

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58912-Real Girlfriends with Daisy Marie-Gen Padova

Real Girlfriends with Daisy Marie is the ultimate classic! I'm sure you guys remember Daisy, she made it huge as one of thee hottest Latina porn stars under contract. She truly loved the girls. I was lucky enough to have fun with her in one her very first scenes before anyone ever knew her. Man, she was fun!

If you love natural tits, you'll love hers. They're incredibly flawless and symmetrical with the tightest body ever. She was definitely the hottest Latina I've ever had. I hope you guys enjoy this fully raw 42 minute video of us in our own little world!

If you're not a member already, this is a great reason to JOIN. Porn these days is never as great as nostalgia! Here are some teaser shots: